Artwork made by a nurse to help inspire and appreciate....

My life has been filled with wonderful moments. I am the mother to 5 children, and I am a registered nurse licensed in both CT and MA. I have spent many years in the field of patient care. I was a Director of Nursing for 18 years and have come to realize the importance of inspiring people and the art of appreciation...Both patients and staff thrive when they feel appreciated. Simple basic words can be all that a person needs to feel uplifted and appreciated. After a person receives this sun catcher with inspirational or appreciative words, they feel valued and can continue feeling that way every time they view their gift! My art work is made from many refurbished items, a majority of which come from Habitat for Humanity. A portion of my proceeds go to various charitable organizations, including breast cancer awareness and assistance with those struggling with various forms of addiction. Read More

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